What I’m Reading This Week – Sept 5

(August 30- September 5)

Thanks for joining us again! Here are some articles that I found interesting this week. Hint: I often re-tweet ones I like, so check me out on Twitter! 🙂

How Paying for College Is Changing Middle-Class Life
When getting a degree is seen as a moral obligation, families will spend whatever it takes.

Learning What You Love in High School
High school is a great time to learn about which careers you’re interested in pursuing in the future.

Your college application motivation soundtrack for September
MIT admissions came up with a soundtrack for you 🙂

The CSU has launched a digital publication, CSUniverse, to showcase our stellar universities, students, faculty and alumni that are vital to keeping California golden.

Congratulations, You’re In College! Now What?
Tips to ace your freshman year.

What if we ask what makes each college different? Understanding the history, ethos, and culture of each campus on a student’s list can lead to a much more satisfying college search and selection process.

Yes, You Can Find a Good Job Without a College Degree
Please note that many of these still need training/certificates- many offered through our Community Colleges.  When I talk about “Higher Education,” I’m talking about any educational program after High School- certificate programs, associate degrees, apprenticeships, etc!

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