College Search

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The College Search process is fun, but overwhelming.  It’s personal, but shared with your family, friends and classmates.  It’s something that you will certain about until you’re all of a sudden not.

And that’s the BEST thing about this process.

The College Search kicks off that period of your life where you move from being a minor to an adult.  You are taking on responsibility in a different way.  You gain control over who you will become and are the one asking the questions and doing to work to give yourself options.

At the same time, you need support.  And your parents, teachers, friends and family are there to help you!  So are your counselors and that’s where this page comes in.  Come back many, MANY times to find the tools and information to guide you through the College process.  Make sure that you log into Naviance to utilize those tools.  Make an appointment with the College and Career Advisor to really talk through your goals, plans, to confirm what you know, and learn something a bit new!